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How to start a publishing company

A publishing company publishes books, magazines, newspapers, tabloids, journals, textbooks, periodicals, and other such publications. The publishing company works with authors and writers to prepare the content for their publication and then brings out the publication. The publication may be prepared in print form or can even be published online.

If you have a background from the publishing industry and like the idea of coming out with publications of your own, you can start a publishing company. Earlier huge investments were needed as printing constituted the major expenses of publishing companies. Thanks to the popularity of online publications, you can run a paperless publishing company.

Here’s how you can start a publishing company of your own.

Print, online, or both

One of the first things you need to decide is whether you will print your publication or offer it online on your website or some other website. If you are going to print, then you need to invest on printing technology. You also need resources like paper and other material. Apart from one-time investment, there are regular expenses to consider.

Some publishing firms start online. They also have dedicated subscribers for whom they send printed copies of their publications. Printing can even be outsourced to printing agencies.

What to publish?

This is the key issue to decide. You need to decide the type of publication. Are you going to publish books, textbooks, scientific journals, or a weekly magazine? Decide this based on your knowledge and experience. It will be difficult for a new publisher to publish multiple publications. Start with one and then move on to others.

Understand the market

There are already many publishers in the market. How can you compete with them? You need to answer this question before even thinking of becoming a publisher. You need to have something different from others to succeed. You may have built contacts with reputed authors who have agreed to write for you, or you may have an innovative publication idea that will attract readers.

Understanding the market is the most difficult part of starting a publishing company. You need to be clear about your target audience and understand their requirements. Will people pay to read your publications? How much will they pay? Will you be able to make profits? You need to have answers to these questions ready.

Decide a name

Decide a name for your publishing company. Think of a unique name that is catchy and that people remember easily. Design a logo to brand your business name and get it registered with the authority who registers companies.

Apply for ISBN

ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. You need to apply for ISBN that can be included in all your publications. It is a universal format that makes identifying books easily. If you are publishing magazines and journals, you will need ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and have to apply for the same.

Open an office and start

Open an office with all the resources you need. You need computer systems and workspace for your staff. You need one or more editors to review work submitted by authors. Most importantly, you need sales and marketing staff.

Market your services so that your target audience is aware of your company. Use online and social media marketing effectively. Announce your entry by coming out with a top-quality first publication.