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How to Make a Living Online

Thanks to the growth of the internet, we are truly living in a digital world. There are more than 3.58 billion people worldwide who use the internet. People love surfing the internet to search for information, to play games, to watch videos and to keep themselves entertained. The internet has opened up career prospects so that you can make a living online. Yes! You can make a career through the internet and earn money. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can start earning money from the internet.

Making money online

There are different ways to make money online. All you need is a good internet connection and have the skills required for the work. The Internet gives you the advantage of utilizing your spare time to earn some extra money. Some common options available to make online include:

  1. Freelancing: Freelancing involves carrying out the work in which you are proficient online on a freelance or ‘be your own boss’ basis. There are various websites, which allow you to register and save your profile. You can then bid for jobs in your skill area, be it writing or software programming or graphic designing. If the client likes your proposal, you can get an order, which you can execute. In this way, you take up orders or projects as per your convenience and get paid online. This is a great way for you to leverage your skills and make extra money. Once you gain proficiency, you can even start your own freelancing company and approach clients directly to get orders, which you can execute sitting in front of your computer. All you need is proficiency in the skill area of your choice.
  2. Product selling: You can sell your products online and make money from it. You can advertise your products on various websites or on Google. Sites like Amazon now make it easy for you to sell the product you make on their website. They will even take care of delivery. All you need is a good product and the potential is unlimited.
  3. Referral: There are many companies who pay you for referrals, i.e: you refer people to buy their products and if they buy it, you get a commission – a straight percentage of the product price. If you have a large social circle, whether it is real friends or friends on social networks, you can capitalize on this, by referring friends to earn money.
  4. Data entry: Many companies have data entry jobs, where a large amount of data need to be recorded using appropriate software, sometimes correction of data may also need to be done. Rather than hire people to do it, companies outsource these jobs. So you have a chance to do simple data entry work from home in your free time and make extra money. However, you need to be careful. There are many scams online, so keep an eye open before you sign up for such jobs.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring is an age-old career where a tutor or teacher helps a student after school or college hours by conducting classes, clarifying doubts, etc. With the advent of the internet, there are a large number of websites offering online tutoring. A student can interact with the tutor online without having to physically meet up. They can chat or have a video session online and the tutor can conduct the entire class online. Being an online tutor is definitely advantageous. If you have the requisite qualification and know how to video chat, this is a good opportunity to make money online. If you are a regular tutor, you need to travel to go to the student, but here you can do it online at the convenience of your home. This means you would have to able tutor more number of students from the comfort of your home. This is definitely an advantageous career option for those interested in tutoring.

Also, apart from tutoring, you can take up related jobs like creating lessons online for students, answering questions and doubts which they may have; and you can get paid for this. One more area of opportunity is academic writing. There are many students who find it difficult to write their assignments and term papers. They outsource these jobs to experienced writers, who research and prepare the assignment on their behalf. There are many websites which employ academic writers. So, if you are qualified and can teach and write well, there are many online opportunities for you to make a living.

Blogging to make money

Writing blogs online has become popular. People write blogs on various topics. But did you know you can make money from the blogs you write? There are many websites like WordPress, Weebly which allow you to create a blog easily without having to worry about technicalities. And once your blog site is up, you can start writing on the topic of your choice. The better the quality of your writing is, the greater your chance of making money. Advertising is a great way to make money. As your blog becomes popular and more and more readers start visiting your blog, advertisers would be happy to pay you so that their ads on your blogs can attract more traffic. You can also earn from your blog through affiliate income. Link your blogs to related products on sites like Amazon and if your reader buys the product through the link, you can earn money.

Once your blog becomes very popular, you can then create a private space or a premium content area where you can post exclusive articles for members. If your readers like your writing and are able to get some benefit from it, they wouldn’t mind paying a monthly or annual subscription. This is a good way to earn money.

Building wealth through online business

The beauty of the internet is that without much investment you have an opportunity to make money. All you need are skills and a computer with an internet connection. Some ways you can build wealth using the internet are:

  1. Blogging: As we discussed earlier, writing a blog helps you to express your views and opinions and at the same make money. If you can write well and impress people with your writing, you can then get more followers and then making money becomes easier.
  2. Writing: You can take up writing as a career. There are many websites which are looking for good quality content. If you can write well and interest the reader, then the sky is the limit. You can write content for different websites and even start your own writing company. You can write SEO content for websites (to help boost their Google rankings), write press releases for companies or even write books online. There is a demand for good content writers, there are many writing opportunities where you can make money regularly.
  3. E-Book publishing: Getting a book published some years back was a tough job. You had to impress the publishing company first. But today, thanks to the internet you can write your book online as an E-book and publish it on Amazon or any of the other sites. If your writing is good, you can expect good sales and good money.
  4. Online store: If you have a product to sell, you can create an online store of your own and sell your products. There is ready software which helps you to create such a virtual store easily. All you need is a product that customers want. And you can promote your website and once the orders flow in, making money becomes easy.
  5. Social media: Today social media (sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) have become very popular. You can use social media to make money. The better you write and the more impressive content you create, more the followers you can make. And once you have a large number of followers’ online, companies would come to you to ask you to promote their products. This is ‘influencer marketing’, where you are an ‘influencer’, thanks to the number of followers you have. Making YouTube videos (also known as video blogging or Vlogging) is also a lucrative option. You can sing songs, cook a tasty dish or show some practical things to do or just talk on a topic you know well. Record a video and share it on YouTube and watch it go viral. Once you have your own channel on YouTube, you can make money from advertising. Social media offers unlimited options to make money.

You can do marketing on social media and even advise smaller companies and take up their social media marketing. By sharing your expertise on social media, you can help them to market their products and make money in the process.

Online jobs for college students

It is not necessary that you should be a working professional to make money online. Even college students, in their spare time, can make money.

Freelance writing, Blogging, Social media and Vlogging are online career opportunities we have already discussed in this article. College students can also easily take up these online careers during their free time. Some other options for college students include:

  • Photoshop: Photoediting or editing photographs to add effects or modify the photographs is something young people love to do for fun. But this can be a career option too. Using software like Photoshop one can modify photos and make them look better and presentable. Proficiency in the software is the only skills required to do this.
  • Ethical hacking: The internet has a dark world, where hackers attack websites and try to steal information. But there are people known as ethical hackers, who hack sites, not to harm but to help. Ethical hackers are hired by websites and they try to hack the site and find out if it has any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that can be exploited. This would help the websites to take corrective measures. College students can easily learn ethical hacking and take it up during their free time.
  • Online surveys: There are many websites that offer online surveys, where you take up a survey on a topic like maybe automobiles and answer questions related to the topic. Most sites offer points in exchange for doing the surveys, which can be encashed for money or gifts. This is an easy thing to do in your free time and you can make money from it.
  • Translation jobs: If you had learned a foreign language at school or college, you can now encash on it. There are sites which need translators to translate from English to various languages. If you are proficient in other languages, this is a good way to make additional money.
  • Web developer: Creating websites is something which can be done by anyone. You just need to know the essentials of web programming. And nowadays there are any tools, which help you to develop an entire website without doing any programming. This is an interesting career option, where college students can use their free time to create websites for companies. If you do well on your first few jobs, then this career option can be really rewarding.

Dealing with stocks

Investing your money in stocks is one way to make money. And you can do this online. Stock markets are digital nowadays and you can buy and sell shares online. You just need an account with a broker which will give you access to the terminal to buy and sell shares and also keep track of their value regularly. You need to be familiar with the stock market and with financial news, so that you know when to buy and when to sell. The stock market is a place where you can make huge sums of money. And this can be easily done online. But you must also remember that you can lose everything online. So make sure you research or take the advice of financial experts before you start trading.

We have discussed the many ways in which you can make money online. Truly, you can make a living online. All you need are skills, a computer,and an internet connection.